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Nobody knows games and gamers like GameSpot. Our love of games combined with our experience, innovation, and commitment makes GameSpot the standard for all things gaming. For 11 years, we’ve been 100-percent focused on games. We understand that today’s gamers play for many different reasons, and we’re able to engage this growing number of diverse gamers no matter why they hit play.


Over the years, our family of gaming-focused sites has grown to include GameFAQs, Sportsgamer, Game Rankings, and GameSpot Trax, so now we’ve got every aspect of the gaming world covered. And we must be doing something right, because two million gamers visit us every day and 92% would recommend us.


We Entertain, Inform, and Connect Gamers


* Unmatched content including live-event coverage, exclusive interviews, original shows, online tournaments, cinema-quality videos, game previews and reviews, demo premieres, beta tests, strategy guides, and more.
* Dedicated channels for every gaming system (like the PS3, Xbox 360, Wii), as well as specialty channels, such as GameSpot Sports, GameSpot News, and Launch Centers.
* An active, engaged community where like-minded gamers interact via lively forums, user reviews and ratings, blogs, unions, and user-generated video.


We Arm Marketers


* GameSpot Trax—the industry’s most advanced, real-time market-intelligence tool equipping marketers with the insight and analysis required to better understand gamers and the marketplace.
* GamersInstinct—a large, high-quality gamer panel available for conducting gaming or gamer-related market research.